Client Quotes

Having known Denise both personally and professionally for nearly a decade, her accountability and integrity are basic character traits that stand out when describing her. She was always graceful under pressure and does not allow adversity to compromise her ethics. She is an excellent, efficient and outstanding specialist in her field.

In my former role of CEO of the Black Business Initiative Ms. Doucet managed our portfolio of clients prioritizing our individual needs in a context of flexible but professional client-business relationships. It provided us with a very rich and rewarding working relationship which continues today.

— Rustum Southwell, Founding CEO Black Business Initiative

Denise has an incredible knowledge of the inner workings of government at all levels. She is strategic, professional and most importantly passionate.

— Lori Spadorcia, Healthcare Management

Denise is such a proud Canadian with a deep respect for democracy. She’s the only person I know who actually watches CPAC for fun! She grew up living and breathing government—it’s in her DNA. That, combined with her amazing career experiences, gives her insight, wisdom and the ability to get results.

— Margaret Kashmir, Director, Global Media & Communications Booz & Company

Navigating the complexities of government is both an art and a science. And in that way, Denise is a true rarity. Her intuition about government and politics is unmatched. She knows when to push and when to support. She knows which lines to draw and which ones to walk. Simply, she understands how to advance the interests of all involved and deliver an outcome that could not be achieved without her experience, wisdom and finesse.

— Colette O’Hara, Owner/Partner at Red Balloon Relations