Creating partnerships is what we do best. We bring together people with common or divergent interests and we help make change happen. We wield strategic influence to find winning solutions for all parties. We help our clients navigate the complex halls of government to inform, educate, and work with key stakeholders. We help our clients tell their stories, bringing key messages to key audiences and spurring grassroots advocacy to win hearts and minds, and get results.

Owned and operated by Denise Doucet, the firm specializes in providing personal service that delivers tangible results. Denise spent more than 25 years in federal and international government postings and now she brings her strategic counsel and defining expertise to a wide range of public and private sector clients.

She is a seasoned political insider with a solid understanding of government at all levels, its players and bridge builders. She understands how decisions are truly made and swayed.

The firm specializes in government relations, stakeholder management, strategic communications and media relations.